Corporate, Education, and Business Training Solutions


Customized Sessions

Need a training designed for your organization, specific department or team?

Subject Matter Experts

Looking for subject matter experts for a panel discussion?

Experienced Trainiers

Need a facilitator for team meetings, retreats, or strategic planning session?

Why use the PLACE services?

CAU Professional Learning And Continuing Education (The PLACE) uses best practices in customization, technology-enhanced learning, and on-the-job application to guide the development of our customized corporate and workforce training. The custom learning and development resources are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and specific work-related challenges. The integration of experience and expertise creates and delivers relevant training solutions to enhance your organization's employee performance. Hybrid, On-Site, and Online models accelerates the training process by integrating the application of training and development best practices.

Become a PLACE Partner

Partnering with the PLACE-- CAU Professional Learning and Continuing Education can assist your organization to scale up its operations, foster employee development, and increase productivity. We would align programs targeted to meet your training needs to meet your employees personal and professional goals that benefit your organization with improved worker productivity and employee retention.


Partner Benefits 

Targeted Customized Training Development Program

Foster an Environment of Continuous Improvement

Increase Employee Engagement and Retention

Boost Cognitive Functions, Efficiency, and Productivity

Partnering with the PLACE is a Winning Collaboration

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